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About This Site

I bought the domain name on a whim in March 2018. I quickly threw together a simple homepage praising Armin, but soon realized that I could do so much more with it. Armin receives a lot of undeserved hate from the fandom and is the subject of many misconceptions, so I created this site to try to spread the truth about Armin.

As full disclosure, I am admittedly a bit biased towards Armin. I’ve been in love with him for 5 years. I did initially believe the hate I saw about him, but I quickly realized the truth of how wonderful he is, and over time fell in love with him. I have a collection of Armin merchandise containing over 200 items, make art of him and myself, and sleep with a body pillow of him scented with his official perfume. I sometimes document my obsession with him in the blog on this site.

Armin Arlert and Attack on Titan are the property of Isayama Hajime and the Attack on Titan Production Comittee. Images from the anime and other official illustrations used on this site are the property of WIT Studio. The CSS used here is my own work.